5 Things I Learned About Myself During an Unintentional Bradley Cooper Movie Marathon


Over the weekend I decided to re-watch one of my favorite movies (Limitless), and  a new film I have really been wanting to see (Silver Linings Playbook). During these viewings I learned several things about myself. Some were new, while some were not so much learned as revisited. This may get a little personal, but hey, it is MY blog after all.

My goal here is to put myself out there a little bit, while maybe hitting a nerve or two in other people as well. Sometimes saying what’s on your mind can be liberating while other times just hearing how other people feel is more helpful. Either way, I hope you find some enjoyment or relief in the fact that you either understand how I feel or find my oddball way of thinking entertaining.

I am intrigued by the fact that I do this fairly often: I get the hankering to watch a movie, for whatever reason: perhaps it made me happy, or sad, or I liked the concept or special effects. No matter the reason, I sit down and start the movie. I enjoy the movie. Most of the time for the reason that made me want to watch it in the first place but not always. Inevitably, by the end of this movie I have a craving to watch another movie. Almost always, the second movie will have a key player (or concept) as the first movie. Many times I watch it as well. Sometimes it doesn’t stop there. Sometimes it gets ridiculous.

Most recently it was Bradley Cooper. I really wanted to watch Limitless. A movie that I find inspiring as well as entertaining. A movie that always makes me examine where my life has been recently and where I expect or hope it may go. I don’t always like the answers.

Cue movie on Netflix. Watch movie. Enjoy movie. End credits.

“Hey, doesn’t Bradley Cooper have a movie that I really want to see that just hit Redbox?”

He did.

Go to Redbox. Rent Movie. Cue Silver Linings Playbook. Watch movie. Enjoy movie. End credits. Begin blog.


1 – Working out and getting some dental work could really improve my looks.

I am a decent looking guy. Charming (albeit crooked) smile, nice eyes and a pleasant demeanor. These things go a long way. You know what else goes a long way? Chiseled abs and a ridiculously perfect smile. I mean seriously, have you seen this guy. I’m not gay, but a few more of his movies in this marathon and I could see doubts beginning to grow. He has the best smile I’ve seen since Ewan McGregor in Big Fish, and maybe better. A straight smile seems to go a long way toward making someone more attractive.

Definitely no doubt he is physically fit. He looks great in a collar and jacket, he looks great in a t-shirt, without a t-shirt. You get the idea.

He could never play a homeless guy because his portrayal of a disheveled man would merely seem “sprezzatura” and a new trend would begin. It really is sickening. What is the most sickening? I bet he is a really cool guy so I probably wouldn’t be mad at him for creating a league of seemingly down-on-their-luck, yet dapper gentlemen, were I to meet him.


2 – I need friends with good looking friends.

So he has issues. Major issues. Emotionally distraught and unavailable. Bi-polar. Volatile. His really good looking friends invite him over to dinner with their really good looking sister (who also has issues).

What happens? Magic. Warped, strange, magic. With issues.

I have some good looking friends. Apparently they don’t (other than me, of course).

I have met plenty of women with issues. None so attractive and charming as she was in the movie. Had that been the case, some of the issues may have been more bearable. I mean seriously, I know I have issues, where are these gorgeous and secretly wonderful women with issues so that we may have issues together.


3 – I need to find a way to be more driven.

Not much to say here. I have no focus. No attention span. Never sleep well and NEVER want to get out of bed in the morning.

What I do have are a million wonderful crazy ideas that someone needs to channel before they seem stale and get relegated to death in the recesses of my brain where boredom hides things.

What I do have is an uncanny focus when something holds my attention, which is almost never.

What I want is NZT. Please, if someone has provigil (which I hear is the closest thing) let me try a couple. From what I have read, it could change my life.

Is NZT right for you? Or me?



4 – Dressing better wouldn’t be a bad choice either, but is limited by number 3 and could help with number 1.

I have yet to see a movie where he was poorly dressed or styled for the duration. He spent some time as a struggling artist in Limitless, so he was a little rough around the edges, but not for long and still not terrible. In Silver Linings Playbook he was a bi-polar man recently released from a mental institution. He still dressed pretty well, even though it was casually.

I have begun to take more time “putting myself together’ than I used to. I have also improved the contents of my closet. I still have a long way to go.

My efforts have not gone unnoticed. I have been complimented on both the fit and style of my choices.

I think these efforts would reach further and I would put forth more, were # 1 to actually happen. Maybe I should start with #3 and hope for trickle down.



5 – Some days I handle my problems better and some days worse than I think.

In Limitless he handled things poorly, then he didn’t. Honestly, he reminds me of me in the beginning. I want him to remind me of me in the end. Again, focus on #3 maybe?

In Silver Linings Playbook he handled almost nothing well. It was a model of how not to behave, yet it still had the happy ending. Must be nice to be the lead character of the story. Whose story am I in again? I need to remind myself that it is my story. Sometimes I forget that.

Many days I think I handle things badly or not at all. I think that I should have handled things differently yesterday and think about how to handle things differently tomorrow.

These movies remind me that I definitely could handle things better, but also, I could handle things so much worse.

Honestly, that’s all of the attention I have to give today. My mind wanders off as I type. I think I will go watch The A-Team now. Au revoir.


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