Hank Moody: One Part Role Model, One Part Cautionary Tale.

You know, most people, they go their whole life,
and they never really find someone they love.
They say they do because everybody's the star of their
 own romantic comedy, but they're full of shit.
~Hank Moody

Hank Moody is an asshole.

That’s just who he is. If you have watched the show Californication you know exactly what I’m talking about. 

He is cocky, opinionated, and vocal, all of which seem to add volume to his personality. He is a womanizer, an alcoholic, and occasionally, a drug user. He is not the kind of man you would want your daughter to marry.

On the surface he seems to care little that his wife left him. Why should he? He is handsome and charismatic, seeming to have no issue finding a replacement for the evening. Every evening. He parties hard and crashes harder. He makes few apologies and fewer long term relationships, be they romantic, sexual, or friendly. He is a man of the moment, blinded by the past, stuck in the present, knowing what his future will bring, yet still hoping he is wrong.

One thing he is not, that most assholes are, is pretentious. He is who he is. He will not try to impress you or sway you in any way. Unless you are his ex-wife, the love of his live. The one that got away. His only regrets lie at her feet.

It is here where we see that he is also exactly the kind of man you would want your daughter to marry. He is loyal to a fault. Puts her above ALL else, including his own pride or dignity. He will make a fool of himself if he believes it will make her smile. The lengths he would go to if he thought he could win her back know no end.

This is also where we loop back to him not marrying your daughter. He does not do well with waiting and is quick to drown his sorrows with women and wine. In the end, he admittedly makes poor decisions that hurt those he loves, but never intentionally. He would die before hurting someone he loves on purpose.

Professionally he is like the sky – filled with bright light and promise for a spell but then nothing but dark and emptiness for a while. He is gifted, but he knows it. This has lead to big victories and big defeats. Most of the defeats at his own hand.

He is a fashion icon, hitting home runs with a simple t-shirt and jeans just as easily as his best suit. He defines what he wears and not vice versa.

He is a man I would like to admire, and do, but with a large measure of caution as to what it is I am admiring. Beneath it all he is old fashioned in the right ways, believes in true love, cares deeply about those he cares about and often is eloquent. If you can separate what he says and feels from what he often does, you can find honesty, wisdom, and love hidden behind a veil of loneliness and despair.

He is a sheep in wolf’s clothing.

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