It is me, the one and only, Stephen Abel. Please, hold your applause.

I will only just scratch the surface, but I will take a moment to tell you a bit or two about myself, so you can get to know me a little better. I won’t get to know you at all, but hey, it is my website after all. Maybe we can get coffee later or you could write me a letter if you think I should get to know you as well.

I digress.


I am the divorced father of two wonderful children: Jasmine and Alyssa. Both are amazing in their own right. So far they both show aptitude and desire to be artists and/or writers themselves. They are also both excellent students who have received multiple awards for citizenship and honor roll, among others. I will continue to push them and can only hope they continue on the paths they are on. I will support whatever dream they choose to dream for as long as they choose not to give up on it. I will support any path they chose other than that of sloth. Sloth was always a kind mistress but she never served me well, nor did she ever further my ambitions and I feel confident she would treat them the same.

As for me and my dreams, they are simple. Write something people read. I found my vision behind a lens for a while and continue to do so as a hobby, but I keep finding my way back to the (proverbial) pen. Which I thought was mightier than the sword until I got mugged at knife point. I kid, I kid.

My sense of humor has always been my calling card though I have always felt I had depth that most people never got to see. The quality of my friends and volume of people who have consistently sought my advice has always confirmed this. Now, instead of keeping those two aspects of my life in separate compartments, I am letting them run rampant together in my mind. With my pen. I think the end result(s) will be stronger because of it.


 My first novel is finished, my second and third and fourth are just beginning. My blog has officially been launched. I have begun article submissions to major periodicals and will continue to do so. I am kicking my old mistress to the curb and look for one who has more to offer, but I now know, I must be willing to offer a lot as well.

So if you want a picture taken, I can do that. If you want me to write a poem for your girlfriend, I can do that too. Want to read my latest novel? I am working on that.

In the mean while, visit often and bring friends. There will be so much more to see here. Mostly me, but more too.

I’m sure that you have thoughts and opinions about all of this. Feel free to share them with me at

sthomasabel @ gmail DOT com