Special Places

Brother sits in the closet and plays with his cars
While sister and father play a game called

Special places

Sister doesn’t like the game
Father only plays the game when mother isn’t watching
Mother doesn’t like the game either
But mother pretends she doesn’t know

Sister always takes a bath after they play the game
To wash off the red
Father says it is part of the game
He says it makes the game fun
Then he laughs and laughs

But brother and sister don’t laugh anymore
Brother and sister stay quiet
Like they’re told to

When father lets brother
Brother plays with his cars
Brother likes to play with his cars in the closet
It takes father longer to find brother there

Then father plays with sister first
And sometimes he’s too tired to play with brother
After he and sister play

Special places

Then brother can stay in the closet
Playing cars, hating himself
Because sisters the strong one

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