The Joneses

Feeling down about being me I sit
On a splintery bench in a busy park
Seeking solace among the crowd

Why did I have to be me
Why can’t I have “the happy life”
Why can’t I keep up with “the Joneses”
Why can’t I be


The guy in the three piece driving his Ferrari
Not worried about another ticket
Chump change I’d say
Can I pay it on the spot I’d say
Can I prepay the next one I’d say

Or the guy who owns that store
It’s not a big store but it’s his nonetheless
Why can’t I be him
Telling others what to do
Why didn’t you stock these shelves I’d say
Why didn’t you clean these floors I’d say

And just when I’m getting a good flow of thoughts
about all the people besides me id like to be

I look over at the vagrant by the dumpster
I’m thinking how sad it must be to have to live that way
To be “him”
Eating scraps and begging for change

While he looks at me
thinking how sad it must be to be me
Stuck in a 9 to 5
Wishing I could keep up with “the Joneses”

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