The Poem I Couldn’t Write

I tried and tried
for hours it seemed
to complete this expoundation

lost and confused
hopelessly wandering through my
own vocabulary
in hopes of finding the words

yet I couldn’t

try as I may
the words were not to be had
not the right words

I haphazardly threw a few
into a jabberwocky of a verse or two

a mockery of my thoughts
a desperate attempt at
well there I go
I can’t find the words
a desperate attempt at something

so I tried and I try
to express on this page
yet I fall short

so I now speak of what I strove for
yet could not reach
in all my desperation
all my attempts
and self-deprecation

for all my efforts
in vanity they became
in fact
just to please myself
is why I speak of it

the poem that didn’t rhyme
the poem that never was
it was
the poem I couldn’t write
here it isn’t.

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