This desert

I’ve traveled many miles through this desert.
This desert of lonely days.
It’s been a long and hard journey.
Filled with much despair.
Suddenly, out of the blue-
It’s an oasis.
Do you know what an oasis is in this desert?
It is love.
I strain and I crawl
And use up all my remaining energy.
I want to get there as fast as I can.
I’ve waited a long time for this moment.
Hurriedly I crawl through the mounds of sand
And reach out my hand.
I reach out to take a drink from the water
Of the oasis I’ve been thirsting for.
But, just as I reach out to scoop up a handful
Of the most wonderful water in the whole world-
Just as I bring it close to my mouth, my heart-
Just as I’m about to drink it-
It fades back into the grains of sand from which the dream was born.
I guess I tried too hard.

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